UG Rape Allegation Source Rescinds

The University of Guyana engineering lecturer upon whose account the story of an alleged gang rape on campus last Friday was based is rescinding his story.

In his original recorded interview, the lecturer had stated, “today (Friday) some U.G student, males, had drugged and gang-raped another U.G student, female then carried her to the medic and so far I haven’t heard any police reports… Even though she (victim) shouldn’t have been there, it shouldn’t have happened and she needs satisfaction. These students are behaving like animals…this is a human life and they have ruined it, mentally, physically and spiritually.”

When contacted yesterday, the lecturer, in spite of the recording claimed the contrary, stating “when I spoke to you, I didn’t say anyone was raped…things were said and taken out of context.” Upon further questioning he stated that he said, “allegedly.”

He stated that he believed the article to be “ill-timed” “inaccurate and “did not address the issue at hand.”

The issue he said he had been addressing was that “students can go anywhere they want to and nothing happens…. I was arguing because students were at a location and they shouldn’t have been there and because of their (guards) inactions an incident occurred.”

In his previous statements he had said, “students are getting drunk, wild and doing ungodly things, its now up to me to do something about it cause I can’t let this go, look what has happened now, it’s elevated to sexual assault and I don’t know what’s the next level.”

Despite saying before that a student informed him of the alleged gang rape, upon further contact he stated, “no student told me that, no student told me anything.” He went on to say that “I was frustrated and I wanted that issue (security) to be addressed, not the rape issue.”

He stated that he does not know whether there was a rape or not, adding that any further dialogue would have to be had in front of the PRO and he would speak to his superiors and take it from there.

I also got a chance to speak to the university medic who would have attended to the student who was allegedly raped.

The medic, who refused to give his name, said that he was “finished with the issue already,” stating only that the student had been treated for dehydration and no rape claims were made to him or any other staff.

“A student came seeking help, that’s all.”

This is in contrast to the lecturer’s previous claims that he had spoken to a clinic employee about the alleged rape and was trying to gain the parents contact information but was unsuccessful.

Asked whether any tests were done to determine the substance the student was intoxicated with, the medic stated that no tests were done as “one could use their five senses…we could detect from seeing the students what is wrong.”

He stated that no examinations were done to see whether the student was sexually assaulted or not as no allegation was made.

Questioned as to who escorted the student to the clinic, the medic seemed unsure. First, he stated that the girl was escorted to the clinic by one person, then he stated two and upon further questioning stated that a group of students brought her.

The University of Guyana had originally sent out a brief press release denying that any alleged rape had taken place. Sources inside of U.G’s community stated that an internal rift over the university’s release is developing, labeling it as “inept,” “defensive” and “inappropriate response to the report of the alleged rape.”

Questions sent to the Public Relations Officer have not been answered.

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