The idiosyncrasy of the boot-leg empire



One of the things I love about Guyana is that it is a country full of idiosyncrasies. Everywhere you turn, you are bound to reach up with at least one.

These idiosyncrasies have become so embedded into our culture that often we don’t even take notice of them and when we do, they most times prove to be incredibly ironic.

Being more of a “series kind of gal,” I would rather stay at home and watch “Hannibal” or “Breaking Bad” on Netflix rather than ease myself out of the cocoon that is my home and go to a movie theatre.

Last week however, in my excitement to see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part Two, I went to the Caribbean cinemas located at Giftland Mall. The movie, as I expected was great, and so was the viewing experience.

Shortly after the movie however, I was faced with a glaring idiosyncrasy that “tickled me to tears-” but because I have become blind to all these little glaring things, I did not notice it until it was pointed out to me.

About a minutes walk from the state of the art Caribbean cinema, on the same floor, there stood a fairly sized DVD store selling bootleg discs.

Curious, we went into the store and realised that not only are they selling bootleg movies and series that would have been released years back but they were also selling copies of movies they would have shown as recently as two weeks ago in the cinema, for $14o each.

Mind you, at least one of these movies, at face glance, was still being shown in the theatre, so it of course made me wonder about the cinemas marketing strategies.

Had I known of the store before, I would have waited a week or two until the store would have gotten the bootleg version of Hunger Games two. I would buy it for $140 then proceed to spend the money I would have spent on a ticket, on food.

One may ask why instead of going all the way to Giftland to buy bootleg DVD’s, why don’t I just buy them off the streets?

Well, now the proud owner of over 10 bootleg DVD’s of both television series and movies from the bootleg store located a minute from the cinema, I can attest for the superior quality of these discs over the ones found on many street corners in central Georgetown alone.

Due to this reason, I am sure that I will be a repeat customer at this fine facility until proper laws are put in place to stop me.

Until then, I will continue to look around the Giftland Mall for more idiosyncrasies.